Morning Sessions

8am Basic Suturing
Jean Austin, CNP, MSN; Lorrie Elchert, CNP, MSN; and Tim Haupricht, CNP, MSN are back! They bring many years of suturing and teaching experience in this beginning level course. Learn fundamentals of wound evaluation and treatment, wound healing, skin anatomy, type of injury, anesthesia drug selection, blocks, local infiltrate, closure methods, suturing and knot tying, minimizing cosmetic disfigurement, after care and more. Hands-on demonstration and individual practice will be available.
Additional $25 supply fee for suture kit you take home. Limited to 45. 

8am Minor Procedures Primary Care Buffy Blunt, PhD; Colleen Stellabotte.
This hands-on presentation will cover ingrown toenail management, nail removal, digital block, subungual hematoma release, paronychia management and abscess I & D. Participants will have an opportunity to practice the skills presented under faculty supervision. Content will include: 1) identification and management of ingrown toenail 2) indications for digital block and anesthesia choices 3) indications and procedure for subungual hematoma release 4) identification and management of paronychia and 5)indications and procedure for abscess I & D. Participants will have an opportunity to practice the skills demonstrated. $10 additional supply fee. Limited to 50.

8am Joint Injections
Cliff Fawcett, MSN, FNP is a nurse practitioner in orthopedic practice and a faculty member at Cedarville University. He will discuss joint architecture and assessment of pathology, followed by a hands-on portion utilizing specialized joint models. Students will receive individualized training at the injection stations and opportunity to practice their technique. Limit 40.

8am Psychopharmacology Review & Update Alan Agins, PhD
This session will initially review the fundamentals of psychopharmacology with emphasis on how “chemical imbalances” of selected neurotransmitters are purported to account for certain psychiatric symptoms and give rise to the rationale for pharmacological intervention. He will then review the basic and clinical pharmacology of drugs used in the treatment of depression, anxiety, psychoses, bipolar disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Within this framework we will also examine newly approved drugs and discuss their potential advantages or disadvantages compared to older, existing drugs. Finally, we will discuss some experimental drug therapies that may result in a paradigm shift in the future treatment of treatment-resistant or other types of depression.

Afternoon Sessions

1pm Minor Procedures for Emergency Department/Urgent Care Buffy Blunt, PhD; Colleen Stellabotte.
A stand-alone workshop, or a continuation of Minor Procedures for Primary Care, this session will add additional skills to your minor procedures repertoire. This hands-on presentation will cover eye injuries, Fluorescein staining and use of the tonopen, ring removal, basic radiology and extremity splinting, Taser removal and foreign body removal. Participants will have an opportunity to practice the skills demonstrated. Discussion of animal bites and rabies prophylaxis, and fish hook removal will also be presented.
$10 additional supply fee. Limited to 50.

1pm A Cut Above: Chronic Wound Evaluation and Debridement Methodologies Mary Jane Maloney, DNP, CWS.
This fast-paced four hour workshop presents the challenges of chronic wound management from a historical perspective, accurate evaluation, wound bed preparation and five types of wound debridement. Included in this program will be the opportunity to perform sharp debridement on an animal model. For providers who like to “play” with wounds and sharpen their wound acumen, this workshop is for you. Limited to 50.

1pm Reimbursement: Optimizing Revenue with Correct Documentation and Coding
This seminar is focused on understanding reimbursement, documentation and coding from the basics to the fine points for APRNs and their staff. Sally Streiber BS, MBA, CPC, CEMC, has 35 years of experience in medical practice coding, documentation and reimbursement, and is the manager of provider coding compliance at University Hospitals, Cleveland. Topics include requirements for E/M service and tips on documenting the complexity of your work; when to use time-based billing; documenting to support the level of service; understanding incident-to and split/shared visits; Medicare wellness visits; requirements for transitional care coding; psychiatric care coding; when and how to use prolonged services codes; and the latest on telemedicine coding. Christine Williams, MSN, CNP, FAANP, Member of OAAPN Board of Directors, with 20+ years of experience as OAAPN’s reimbursement expert, will present on: State and Federal updates for 2015-2016; Ohio Medicare APRN LTC; Ohio Medicaid APRN Billing Regulation; Federal Home Care and Hospice; Ohio commercial payer matrix; which payers credential and contract with APRNs and/or recognize APRNs as PCPs and what to do when they refuse; the nondiscrimination clause in the ACA. 

1pm Beginning 12 Lead ECG Louann Bailey, MSN, ACNP, FAANP.
This 12-lead ECG workshop will cover the normal ECG and well as common abnormalities such as axis deviation, hypertrophy, intervals and ischemia/injury/infarct and other ECG changes. We will discuss basic anatomy of the heart and examine how changes to the heart, due to various co-morbid conditions, can be reflected on the 12-lead ECG.