The OAAPN Prescriptive Authority Subcommittee has been working to develop a proposed simplification of the prescriptive formulary to present to the Ohio Board of Nursing Committee on Prescriptive Governance (CPG) at their meeting in May.  The goal is to simplify and shorten the document, clarify categories of medications, improve the ability of APRNs to accurately interpret the document, as well as to request any needed medication changes.

We have reviewed the formulary and need know if you are in support of changing any of these drugs to “MAY prescribe” (LINK to list).

If so, please complete and submit the CPG change request form (download HERE) and supporting documents.  We have developed a physician support letter template for your assistance (download HERE).  Please note their instructions for submission, as it must be received by April 17, 30 days prior to the May 18, 2015 meeting.

Be sure to email us at and we would be more than happy to assist you with any questions/support, either prior to or at the meeting itself, as we do attend all CPG meetings.

Thank you very much for your input!
Carol Cairns, MSN, APRN, ACNP-BC
OAAPN Director, Prescriptive Authority