Meet with Your Members of Congress before Election Day

Election Day, November 4, is only one week away, and Members of Congress are spending every remaining minute in their districts campaigning and taking the pulse of the constituents they represent.  Please seize this opportunity to meet with your Members of Congress and discuss federal barrier issues facing NP practice.  Attend a town hall meeting, request an individual or NP group meeting and invite your Member(s) of Congress to visit your practice to learn firsthand the quality of care you provide to their constituents.  This is your chance to influence policy and the future of the NP practice.  Remember that you are their constituent, and your voice and vote counts.  AANP has set a goal to meet with Members of Congress between now and Election Day – 7 days left!

Please know that the AANP staff is here to support you throughout the entire process.  If you are interested in meeting with your Member(s) of Congress, please email us soon at   governmentaffairs@aanp.org and indicate the day(s) and time(s) in a typical week that you would be available to meet.  AANP staff will then contact your Member of Congress and submit a scheduling request on your behalf.  Once the meeting is scheduled, AANP staff will ensure that you have all of the information and materials needed for your meetings.

We encourage you to focus on the following AANP priorities during your meetings:

Educating Policy Makers Regarding NP Practice
AANP thanks all of you who have taken the time to contact your Members of Congress and have shared the links below with other individuals and organizations that support removing federal barriers to practice for NPs. We are delighted to tell you that more than 27,600 letters have been sent since the first of this year!  Policy makers must continue to be educated regarding the benefits NPs bring to the American health care system. Please keep these issues on their minds by continuing to send letters to your Members of Congress.  We also ask that as you send your letters, you add to them your personal stories regarding how these federal barriers impact your practice. Please make sure that you sign your letters to Members of Congress by adding your name to the form on the website.

1.     Support for legislation to allow NPs to certify their patients need for Home Health

2.     Support for legislation that would authorize NPs to document face-to-face encounters with their Medicare patients to assess the need to order all DME

3.     Support legislation that would extend the current program which aligns Medicaid reimbursement rates for primary care services with Medicare reimbursement rates and ensures that all NPs are eligible

4.     Support the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) plan to recognize NPs ability to practice to their full scope throughout the VHA system

5.     Ask VA Secretary Robert McDonald to support and implement the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) plan to recognize NPs’ abilities to practice to their full scope throughout the VHA system


Your Voice

AANP’s Federal Government Affairs Office has established a new email,   yourvoice@aanp.org, to collect your stories and personal experiences with federal barriers to practice.  We urge you to share your stories with us as they help to create a compelling narrative on Capitol Hill.

As always, your Federal and State Government Affairs teams are available to answer any questions. Please feel free to contact us at   governmentaffairs@aanp.org or statepolicy@aanp.org.

Federal Government Affairs Team Members:
MaryAnne Sapio, VP Federal Government Affairs
Debra Swan, Associate VP Federal Government Affairs
Jan Towers, Senior Health Policy Consultant
Clark Princell, Director PAC & Grassroots
State Government Affairs Team Members:
Tay Kopanos, VP State Government Affairs
Brittany Dawn McAllister, State Government Affairs Specialist